Best online casino promotions


What Are Best Online Casino Promotions?

There are thousands of online casinos that cater for players from the USA. To attract players to their particular site, many of these casinos will offer promotions or bonuses to both new players and existing ones. The astute online casino player will do some research on the various sites, and the various promotions and bonuses that are on offer in order to find the best online casino promotions in the USA.

No Deposit Bonus

These are offered to new players to attract them to a particular casino. This particular bonus allows you to try out the online casino without actually putting down any money of your own. To access these bonuses you do have to create an account at the casino however. Once that is done, the casino will put a small amount of money into your account, usually between $5 and $20. This money can be used on certain games and comes with certain restrictions. It is a good idea to read the fine print carefully when making use of a no deposit bonus.

Welcome Bonus

This is also a promotion to attract new players to an online casino. These are the most popular and common of the new player promotions and are one of the best online casino promotions. An online casino will require you to create an account, and then deposit a certain amount of money into the account. The casino will then match your initial deposit, and sometimes one or two subsequent deposits to a certain percentage. The percentage is usually 200% for the first deposit, and drops down to 20% for the third deposit. The casino will of course put a limit on the amount that they will give you.

Monthly and Weekly Bonuses

When looking for the best online casino promotions if you are a regular player or intend on becoming a regular player, this is the main promotion category that you must research. These are promotions and bonuses offered by online casinos for regular players that allow them to win or earn something on a regular basis. These promotions are intended to keep existing clients happy and interested. They can involve a number of free spins on a certain slot machine, VIP points for a particular game, or even additional deposit bonuses.

VIP Programs

These are another important thing to look for when searching best online casino promotions. A VIP program is intended for all players, and involves different levels. To advance up the levels you will need to accrue a certain amount of points. Usually this is done by playing hours or amounts deposited. The higher levels of the program are usually accessed by high rollers who spend a lot of time and money in the casino. The main advantage of a VIP program is that you get VIP points which can be spent in a number of ways. Some can be exchanged for free spins or free games. Some can even be exchanged for big prizes such as cruises or even vehicles.

How to Choose

Once you have done your research, found a number of casinos that allow players from your region of the USA to join and play games, and read up on their various promotions and bonuses, how do you choose the best online casino promotions for you? Firstly you need to look at your playing style. Pick a promotion that applies to the games that you play. Then choose one that will benefit you in the long run such as a suitable VIP program.