American Lottery Games Explained for Players


The history of American lottery games began in the early 1600’s when the first English colonies used lotteries to fund the growth of their revenue. The initial thirteen colonies established the lottery system and made it a civic duty to play. Schools, paved roads, construction of bridges and even churches were possible with the funds raised. By the 1800’s evangelical activists began denouncing American lottery games as they were deemed immoral. They petitioned to ban lotteries and over the years lotteries were banned and by the late 1800’s lotteries were prohibited throughout the country.

Government sponsored lotteries began thriving from the early 1900’s where the very first modern type of lottery was established in Puerto Rico followed by the New Hampshire lottery. Joint lotteries began in the late 1900’s where the Multi-State Lottery Association was formed. Certain states are members of the Multi-State Lottery Association who run the Powerball and Mega Millions lottery games. Today there are forty four states that have established lottery games as well as the Virgin Islands, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico.

The Various American Lottery Games

Each lottery game has its own amount of numbers that need to be selected from a range of numbers and their own winning divisions. It will help to be aware of these in order to play any specific lottery.

The Powerball and the Mega Millions are the most popular multi-state lotteries. Powerball draws five white balls out of a selection of sixty nine balls and one red ball out of a selection of twenty six balls. At least three of the white ball numbers need to match in order to in a prize. Powerball draws take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Mega Millions is played by choosing five of seventy five numbers and one of fifteen numbers. The draws take place on Tuesday and Friday nights where the starting jackpot is $15,000,000 and a guaranteed second prize of $1,000,000 for choosing five matching main numbers.

Lotto is another popular American lottery game but is played independently in each state. The game is played by selecting six numbers from a range of numbers which varies from state to state. Most states draw the lotto on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Various other lottery games that can be played online include the little lotto’s, the dailies and instant scratch cards.

Playing American Lottery Games Online

The advent of the internet has allowed online lottery sites to surface in abundance. This makes purchasing lottery tickets incredibly convenient but it is vitally important to only use the most reputable online sites to participate in any American lottery. The more reputable sites will sell authentic tickets for a wide selection of American lottery games. Many of them will allow players from around the world to purchase tickets but it is important to make sure this is possible before making any purchases.

In order to purchase mobile lotto USA tickets at an online site, players will need to create an account and deposit the funds that will be used to make purchases. Once funds are deposited players can choose any of the available American lottery games.