This slot game is another fine example of how Cryptologic brings the world of superheroes to life. This particular slot focuses on the man in green, the one and only Green Lantern. Using the strength of Willpower this superhero joins with a collaboration of brave souls from around the universe […]

Players who enjoy blazing hot retro slots action will be drawn to EGT Software’s 20 Super Hot slot like moths to a flame. There are a good variety of fruit-filled paytable prizes available, and players with a passion for traditional slots will be spinning in all the old favourites, including […]

In South Africa today, technology has shaped and changed every aspect of our modern lives. From the way we present ourselves to others, interact with our community, form ties with other people, learn, work, do our finances, unwind and reward ourselves. It is no surprise to us that many people […]

Time Voyagers slot is a very futuristic looking mobile and online slot. The game has a progressive jackpot and a number of special features including second screen bonus rounds. The twenty five paylines can be played within a range of 0.5 up to 10 coins, and all lines are optional. […]

The history of American lottery games began in the early 1600’s when the first English colonies used lotteries to fund the growth of their revenue. The initial thirteen colonies established the lottery system and made it a civic duty to play. Schools, paved roads, construction of bridges and even churches […]

There are actually models that describe the decisions involved to buy lotto online, however, the basic lure of this type of gambling is related to directly to the size of the prizes and the fact that hope springs eternal in people. The fact that lotto games offer online access, and […]

The casino world has always been one attached to glitz and glamour, from the clinking sounds of slot machines, the smooth operators of the poker tables, and the fine ladies and gentlemen playing a game of luck in a round of roulette. At least, that’s the image the movies have […]